Build & Design 

strategic PLAN

Train & Coach

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Aquire new partners

Cover a new industry, mega-trend, solution space or region or simply enhance the scale your direct selling.

Enhance the return of your current partner ecosystem.

Through evolution of your programs, framework and engagements create more mutual success for your ecosystem. 

Aquire new Technology Alliances 

Tech Alliances differentiate your offerings, offer you scale and brand credibility.  Don't forget alignment to communities like Microsoft MVPs which can do all the above and more...

Enhancing the return of your current Alliances

Technology Alliances partnerships can be some of the hardest to drive value from. Ensure the time invested with them is fruitful.


As a technology vendor, your sales channel and ecosystem of partners, needs to evolve alongside your solutions and products to ensure scale, differentiation and mutual success. Your alliances to other technology organisations and tech communities, like the infamous Microsoft MVP's, are also key to success

A Vendors Channel & Alliances changes and needs come in many flavours. A savvy, sales-forward organisation will adapt their partner program, ecosystem and technology alliances ahead of their roadmap to drive the best results for all, including the customer, but our world moves at such a speed that this motion often comes after the need for it. 

Partnership build, development or evolution is a major change to any organisation and one that is too often taken lightly. Organisations often hire a small team or worse one person, to drive the evaluation, curation of a plan and execution of the channel change plan without recognising the change management needed to ensure internal and external stakeholder support.

Fehu Channel Consulting offer consulting services and support you from evaluation of your goals to partnership planning, coaching and enablement on execution and ongoing measurement.

We will ensure the investment you make into partnerships delivers strong and predictable results increasing your business maturity and revenue.

Partner programs.

Joint Go To Market Plans.

sales enablement.

Partner Portals.

Influencer community engagement. 

alliance co-messaging.