Both Vendors and Partners in our technology industry need partnerships, networks, ecosystems and communities.

With Fehu you gain specialist consultation to guide you through partnership, channel and alliances transformations and enhancements - the methods are the same for vendor and partner organisations just the approach differs a little....



Through experienced eyes we define together with you your immediate unique partnership needs based on Fehu understanding your business strategy and goals.

Build & Design 

Fehu will then build and design a Partnership Plan unique to you that will outline step-by-step how you can achieve the goals we defined together.

This could be anything from creation of a new partnership ecosystem, program, portal/platform to driving more value from your current partnerships.

Strategic PLAN

With a clear view of the journey to success delivered to you in the Partnership Plan, you can chose to:

A/ Take the path alone.


B/ Take Fehu with you as a proactive guide in executing the plan. 

TRAin & Coach

One to One or One to Many


Fehu offers coaching and mentorship in addition to the execution and continued development of channel transformation.


Channel and Alliances Training and Enablement for Sales and Stakeholders.